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  1. Hello

    I signed up with All in one Profits and the aiop rotator club about a week ago and previous to signing up I was told the person I signup under would provide me with the details I would need to ensure I had properly performed all the steps to be included in the rotator club system.

    I signed up under Charles Howard and sent him an email to introduce myself and receive all the information but have not received any instructions or correspondence from Charles. Right now I am going at this blind. I have begun to subscribe to various advertising programs but I have no idea if I am doing this right.

    I keep up to date with the Facebook page but did not want to ask the questions I have, on Facebook as I am seeing several new subscribers joining the rotator club and do not want to create the impression that they won’t receive any guidance just as I have not received
    anything from my sponsor.

    Can you help me to make sure I am following the proper steps in regards to the rotator club? When I receive my first signup assigned to my downline I want to be sure that person gets the attention they should receive and not feel left alone to fend for themselves.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

    Claude Belanger

  2. Here is the response I got from Trevor, within hours of my asking for help.

    Trevor provided me with all the information to get setup with the Rotator Club. In fact I received clear and complete step by step instructions to brand my splash page, I was able to get myself included into the rotator, the autoresponder and create my campaign in order to have it branded in my name.I was also pointed in the right direction to join the various traffic programs in order to start building my downlinw. Before I became disabled I was a computer support specialist, network and communications technician and programmer but I never would have properly got setup without the help of a fellow rotator club team member. Now that is what I call service, folks!

    So if you are not sure about joining the rotator club, I hope this will help assure you that there is a great bunch of guys ready to help every step of the way.

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